Corporate Responsibility


Steps Toward Sustainability

We’ve always got the environment in mind here at Skies Are Blue. Like you, we’re constantly inspired by the beauty of the world and know that action is vital in order to preserve it. We’re continually making strides when it comes to our sustainability practices, and we’re proud to share our green initiatives with you.

We make clothing that you can feel great about wearing. Our designers are dedicated to seeking out the finest recycled fabrics to create covetable styles that are gentle on Mother Earth. Not only that, we’re also in the process of phasing out our old packaging and shipping materials as we move to use eco-friendly products.

It’s our belief that we have a responsibility to create a positive impact on a global level. We’re committed to partnering with ethical overseas factories that comply with fair labor and wages to assure a safe and respectful workplace that puts a priority on employees’ well-being.


Local Outreach Programs

We love our hometown of Los Angeles, and taking care of our neighbors is important to us. We’re getting out there and trying to make a difference whenever we can. For the past two years, we’ve purchased and distributed more than 500 sleeping bags to those in need, and we’re just getting started—it’s our mission to continue and expand this effort.

We also donate a portion of proceeds from our sample sales to local and global nonprofit organizations, including those dedicated to providing relief to the people affected by the 2017 Mexico City earthquake and the recent California wildfires.